Baby’s Laundry

When babies arrive, they bring joy—and lots of laundry, too! Always check the care label on baby clothes. Here are some other suggestions for keeping baby’s clothes clean.

Laundry Products

  • Use a detergent that is colour and fragrance free.
  • Wash cloth diapers separately.
  • Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These may irritate baby’s skin and can lessen the flame-retardant qualities of pyjamas and other clothing.
  • Pre-soak stains.

Stubborn Stains

Follow these guidelines unless the care label says otherwise.

Tip: Safe Clothing for Babies

Avoid cords and strings, loose buttons, zipper pulls, and ponchos. These can cause choking or strangulation.

  • Scrape off as much of the dirt or food as you can, and soak the stain in cold water as soon as possible.
  • Fill the washer with cold water and allow the clothing to “agitate” while the stain is fresh.
  • Never soak stains in hot water. This can set the stain into the fabric, making it more difficult to remove. Don’t put clothing in the dryer before you are sure the stain is gone.
  • If needed, soak the stained fabric in cold water with detergent for 30 minutes or longer. If the stain has dried, soak the item in cold water and detergent for several hours.
  • Wash in warm water and rinse. If the stain remains, soak another 30 minutes and rewash.
  • If you need to use bleach, be sure to rewash, since bleach may irritate a baby’s skin.
  • Remember: don’t put the item in the dryer until the stain is completely gone.