Privacy Policy

The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) is committed to respecting the personal privacy of individuals who visit our website. The following statements summarize CPHA's website privacy policy and practices.

CPHA does not systematically collect any information about the identity of individuals visiting our site. Any personal information we may gather is provided by you on a purely voluntary basis through the completion of registration or application forms. This information is integral to managing a membership-based association and to managing registration to the CPHA Annual Conference or any other event that may require registration.

In the case of registering for the Annual Conference or paying membership fees online, credit card information is not stored in permanent or temporary files or in a database on any CPHA server. Data does not persist on the server for more than a few seconds during transaction processing.

CPHA does collect non-identifying information, in aggregate only, for statistical analysis, to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our site visitors.

Any personal information gathered during online registration or application processes, or that may be gathered by other means is not shared, rented, traded or sold for any reason with any other party or organization.

CPHA is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of the web sites to which we link.

If you have any questions regarding this website policy, please send them to

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